An Accidental Athlete

Who do you want to inspire?

I began my fitness journey 7 years ago, I wasn’t interested in being athletic, I simply wanted to gain enough weight to increase my chances at getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. The first months were hard, they hurt, I felt awkward and insecure and I was sure that I was doing it all wrong. Then slowly I realized that I was actually starting to feel better.

I found my rhythm, gained confidence and strength and eventually fell in love. I started this journey to prepare myself for motherhood at the most basic level and I continue this journey to inspire my daughters. Now it’s my job to show them that women can lift weights, women can run fast and far, and whether you are 5 or 50 it’s never too late to live a life that makes you feel better.


Melanie is an ACE certified personal trainer. In addition to her love of health and fitness, she is passionate about natural living, real food, and parenting with purpose. Subscribe to the blog for updates, workouts, and real food recipes.




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